30 March 2020

Our personal Interior Tips

In times like these where we are all more or less forced into home office it is absolutely important to make your home as cosy and comfortable as possible. And due to the fact that you can’t even go to our super stylish hotels for design inspiration anymore here are a few tips from our interior team.

Mix & Match

You know our policy when it comes to furniture – oldie but goldie! In our hotels we love to work with vintage pieces to make them extra special. Those pieces are not just timeless design classics but tell their own story and help to make your hotel experience even more unique.

When it comes to our homes, we like to follow the principle: mix and match! When mixing modern and antique furniture, the 80/20 rule is a simple yet effective guideline. These 20% don’t necessarily have to be cabinets, tables and chairs, it could include smaller details such as table lamps, framed vintage posters or an old bakelite wall clock.

For anyone who is still hesitant if these combinations can really be in good harmony here’s a little tip to be on the safe side: your new and old pieces should be united by at least one mutual characteristic. Whether this is pattern, a common colour scheme or similar material, it will help you as a guideline for your own unique space.

The many pros of buying vintage

There are so many more reasons to buy vintage pieces other than just design. With buying a beautiful old sideboard you don’t just pimp your living room but also help the environment with reusing rather than buying a new one.

Even though the investment might be a little bit higher, one thing to keep in mind is that you buy style and quality. These antique pieces were generally (hand)made to last for a lifetime, so maybe your future kids will thank you for spending that extra €100,00.


Where to buy?

Now that you are ready to upgrade your apartment, we are willing to share our secret knowledge and give you some insider tips on the best addresses for buying vintage. We picked one store in each city that is already blessed with a Ruby hotel, since we already did our personal research there. So, every store we put on the list was carefully selected and visited by one of our team members.


Interior buyer tip number one

Even though we try to source as much as possible with our vintage suppliers, we spend hours and hours on Ebay & Co. trying to find extra special and unique items.

So, our top tip for you is: if you know what you want to buy, invest a little more time and go search the Internet (Ebay, Shpock or your local online marketplace), flea markets or yardsales for hidden and affordable treasures.


Our Favourite Picks: 


Johanna Schultz Wohnen
Stockmeyerstraße 43
20457 Hamburg



69m² Concept Store
Lindenstraße 186,
40233 Dusseldorf


Kettenbrückengasse 15
1050 Vienna


Belgradstraße 8
80796 Munich


Studio 11
3-5 Latona Road
London, SE15 6RY





653, 648