9 May 2019

It's Aperitivo O'Clock

We love to travel and get inspired by trends from all over the world to always improve our service and offer you new experiences at every stay.One thing we were always envied the Italians for, is their laid-back Aperitivo culture. Nothing says more ‘Dolce Vita‘ than starting your evening meeting up with some friends and enjoying some delicious drinks and snacks at a local bar. So we decided to bring that feeling to our hotel bars, too.

Every Wednesday from 5-9 pm, we’re offering an Aperitivo special for € 10 that includes one Aperol Spritz and an Italian inspired snack buffet. Besides the included drink, we’ve created a special Aperitivo menu with our dear friends at Campari. So bring your colleagues and friends and shake off your work day with us.

You’ll find all upcoming dates for every city on Facebook:




We can’t wait to celebrate glorious sunsets and sweet summer nights with you again. Stay tuned for more events coming soon.

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