Local hero: East London Liquor Company

We’re always on the hunt for cool brands, especially when entering new markets as we did a few weeks ago in London. To give you an authentic and local experience, it’s important to us to work together with local producers rather than only the big players. So in the process of setting up our new bar, we came across the East London Liquor Company and directly knew we want to offer their drinks at Ruby Lucy.

But first let us introduce them so you can understand our enthusiasm. East London Liquor Company is a distillery producing and importing a range of quality spirits including gin, vodka, rum and whiskey. The founder's name is Alex Wolpert and it was a matter close to his heart to bring the great distilling tradition back to the East of London, where the centre of the English spirits trade was once located. With doing so, he reinstated an industry back to its roots.

Only the finest ingredients are added to the distillation pot of his alcoholic beverages - what you can smell and taste. Working with some of the world’s best botanicals, his aim is to produce spirits that are accessible in flavour and price, while being of the highest quality of production.

If you want to convince yourself, just step by. Being located in the old glue factory in Bow Wharf, one of Bow’s most well-known historical sites, the East London Liquor Company is always open for a visit. Besides the distillery there is a lot more to be found in the old factory: an all-round experience. Apart from the distillery, there is a bar, a restaurant and a small bottle shop. In other words, there are enough reasons why spirits fans from all over the world make an annual pilgrimage to the East London Liquor Company - but one stands out in particular: the Tasting Tour. On this tour, you can taste their entire product range - from classic London Dry Gin to 100% British Wheat Vodka and Demerara Rum.

At our Ruby Lucy Bar in the heart of London, we are happy to create our drinks with exactly these products of East London Liquor. So step by and try them. Looking forward to seeing you at our bar.