28 November 2014

Hausbrandt - The culture of good coffee

Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 – the Italian coffee roasting house is known for its “culture of good coffee”. The established company brings together many years of tradition and experience into one cup of coffee. Knowledge and technological innovation further enhanced Hausbrandts’ success to create well-established, authentic coffee over the years. 

Quality is the highest priority for Hausbrandt – from the picking of the coffee beans to the careful selection, the roasting of the beans and the final preparation of the coffee, every single step is closely monitored. Hausbrandt turns a mere cup of coffee into an experience; seeing the perfect crema, tasting the intense flavor, hearing the rattle of the coffee machine, smelling more than 700 aromas in one cup and feeling the smooth texture of the coffee.

The secret of Hausbrandt, however, lies in the varied blends of Robusta and Arabica; perfectly matched coffee beans are the essential hint in Hausbrandt’s unique coffee roasting.


The product range includes a variety of different coffee blends, such as Gourmet, Academia or Gourmet Columbus – miscellaneous full-bodied blends with balanced flavor and distinct aroma, make every coffee exclusive. Hausbrandt coffee is also offered in different variants – as a bean, ground, as capsules or pods so that the coffee meets every coffee machine’s needs.


Currently Hausbrandt is available in 70 countries around the world and can be enjoyed in all of our hotel bars as well. 

Come by for a cup of freshly brewed Hausbrandt coffee!

For more information about Hausbrandt, check-out the website here.