27 October 2020

Founders to keep an eye on

Our newly opened Ruby Carl Workspaces in the heart of Dusseldorf offer the perfect office solution for anyone. Especially young and upcoming startups though, as there is just the right amount of space for you and your team - no matter how fast you're growing. 

For our opening, we invited some of Dusseldorfs most inspiring founders to check out our new workspace. 


Sarina and Anatoli decided to treat themselves to a trip to Asia after finishing their studies. They fell in love with the country and it’s wonderful people, culture and breathtaking landscapes. But there was one thing that shocked them – and had an immense impact on their future: the massive amounts of trash that were flawing the otherwise beautiful beaches and the careless way of handling plastic. But because they didn´t just want to whine and do nothing about it, they founded Doli Bottles.

The label focuses on making glass water bottles made out of a special glass called borosilikat glass, that’s especially sturdy and heat resistant. The reusable bottles and coffee mugs are an ideal and very stylish alternative to plastic bottles and To Go coffee cups. 

By creating different bottle sizes and using a very neutral and clean design, Doli Bottles makes it even more appealing and easy for you to hit your daily water intake on your office day. The silicone sleeve adds some colour to your bottle and makes sure your Doli Bottle is protected. 

Check out their shop here. 


Pam and Justin are the founders of djahé - a company that focuses on producing high-quality organic drinks, made out of all natural ingredients. The first drink they ever produced actually was an organic Ginger-Lemon Lemonade following an old indonesion recipe from their dad. He offered this drink at their family-run restaurant and it was one of their best sellers. So the siblings decided to fill up this drink and sell it in bottles. They put a big emphasis on only using high-quality, organically grown raw ingredients in their drinks and are beyond proud about the launch of their new range of health shots.

Think about djahé Shots as small, practical everyday helpers that help supply your body with all the natural vitamins and minerals that a healthy diet needs. The small bottles can be kept unrefrigerated and fit in any pocket - so you can bring them with you anywhere you go. 

On top of that, all their shots come in little glassbottles rather than plastic, thus they are completely recyclable. And if all of that didn’t excite you yet, they also support Chance e.V.’s project “Mein Regenwald”. This project aims to protect around 18,000 hectares of Peruvian rainforest and promote sustainable development work in the ten neighbouring village communities, such as supporting local families and children in sustainable and self-determined development. So what is there, that's not to love about the company?

Check out their website and shop here.


Laura is one of these persons who always has a new idea or great project going on every time you meet her. We got to know her when organising the opening event at Ruby Leni, where she supported us with her event agency Memorial Events which she founded at the age of 24. The agency puts a focus on explaining topics, that may seem complicated or hard to grasp at the beginning and reintroducing humans to nature and their natural strengths. And that's exactly why she especially loves to stand up for environmental and meaningful topics - that's where her other project "the eco experience" comes into play. 

Their Motto is: Sharing. Giving. Caring 

It is the company's declared goal to help people have an eye opening moment, after which they can actually live a more sustainable and meaningful life. In order to do so, they want to help young green companies and prove that the path of cooperation will lead to success in improving networking in the green sector.

Laura is also a certified yoga instructor und hosted a very inspiring Mindfulness Workshop at the Ruby Carl Opening. You see, Laura is a person with many facettes and talents and we can't wait to see what she's going to create next.

You want to be part of our inspiring office community and get a glimpse of this buzzing atmosphere yourself? Inquire now and save your seat at Ruby Carl Workspaces in the heart of Dusseldorf.