London's Best Afternoon Tea

If someone would ask us what is typical British for us, then we would very quickly get to the Afternoon Tea. Hardly any tradition pleases us as much as this one. In the afternoons the British often ...

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New Year's Eve in London

10 December 2019

London is always worth a trip, but on New Year's Eve there are a few things to keep in mind in order to experience a really beautiful turn of the year. That's why we have summarized all our tips ...

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New Year's Eve

18 December 2019

It can happen so fast - in summer we first celebrated the opening of Ruby Leni, our second hotel in Dusseldorf, and now there are only three weeks left until New Year's Eve. And if you don't know ...

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Shopping Day in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is known as the "fashion capital" of Germany. So you should definitely reserve some of your time for an extensive shopping trip through Dusseldorf. ...

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Brunch Spots in Hamburg

We've put together our favourite brunch spots in Hamburg to make sure you'll have a great start into your day. ...

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Girls' Shopping Day in Hamburg

Planning a shopping tour with your crew? We've gathered our favourite concepts stores and boutiques, from low budget to more expensive ones, spread around Hamburg. So grab your friends and start the ...

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One Day in Dusseldorf

11 April 2019

The city is famous for shopping on Königsallee, long strolls along the river Rhine or drinking at the ‘world’s longest bar’. But there's so much more to see and do. May we ...

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