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Vienna city guide

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Ruby Marie Rooftop Garden 01

Munich • Vienna • News • 08 May 2024

Namaste at Ruby

Hey there, sunshines, ready to reach a whole new level of zen? Well, you're in luck. Because at Ruby Lilly, Ruby Marie & Ruby Luna, your journey to wellness starts with ...

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Vienna • City guide • 27 November 2023

Vienna's Fab Five

Get ready to wander the enchanting streets of Vienna with our specially crafted guide to the city's hidden treasures. Whether you're time-traveling through regal castle ...

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Vienna • Hotel story • 27 November 2023

Ruby Sofie – From Sponges to Cocktails

Ready for a quick trip down memory lane? Marie's building started as a 19th-century bathhouse, danced its way into a ballroom, and now shines as our sleek lean luxury h ...

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Ruby Marie Bar Detail Low Res

Vienna • Hotel story • 27 November 2023

Ruby Marie’s Storied Past

Join us on a journey through the pages of Ruby Marie's history book. Starting off as Austria's very first department store, this place has seen it all, and in 2015, it ...

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Ruby lissi fasade fleischmarkt ohne post 4

Vienna • Hotel story • 27 November 2023

Ruby Lissi's Stylish Tale

Embark on a journey through time and lean luxury at Ruby Lissi, where the adventurous spirit of Empress Elisabeth sets the stage for a unique and regal experience. ...

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Ruby People Lotti 07

Explore our bars and have a drink with us

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RH SM EVENTS Ruby VINTAGE GAMES Eventbrite Header 2160x1080px 090823 02

Every Monday - each hotel: Game On with vintage games

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