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The Fairytale of Ruby Rosi

Bar interior of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
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Get ready for a round of Bavarian tales – meet Ruby Rosi Hotel & Bar, our sequel to the Ruby Lilly story. With a nod to its city and the folklore of the area, this place gets its mojo from the lively metropolis and the mesmerizing stories that have become part of the local culture.

Introducing Ruby Rosi

Ruby Rosi Hotel & Bar is located right next to Munich's central train station and is by extension convenient to reach from the MUC airport. Once you are there, some of Munich's most appealing landmarks, like the old town with the famous Frauenkirche, Marienplatz, or Viktualienmarkt are just a few minutes' walk away.

The entrance to our newest hotel is at the Bayerstrasse 21, where you will find luxuriously appointed rooms and public areas inspired by the old Isar fairy tales blended with traditional Bavarian history. Staying at Rosi is a magical journey with a rooftop garden to enchant your stay on sunny days and starlit evenings, where you can enjoy the house's signature cocktails from our potion wielding alchemists at our 24-hour bar.

  • Bar details of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
  • Bar details of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
  • Bar details of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
  • Bar interior of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
  • Bar interior of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
  • Bar details of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
  • Rooftop terrace of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich
  • WOW room of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich

An Isar Fairy Tale

Our second Ruby in Munich is a tale of a hotel, enriched by mystic items to cast the look and feel of an old castle straight out of Brother Grimms stories. Ruby Rosi is one of a kind in Bavaria’s capital.

The interior design gravitates around our unique Lean Luxury philosophy, with a rustic charm accentuated by dim lighting over the authentic furnishing. Ruby Rosi feels like a modern, avant-gardist castle in the heart of Munich with 101 rooms are spread throughout this magical keep, all with a big, comfy bed, a rainfall shower, and soft, fluffy towels. While timber panelling brings warmth and vintage vibes, an elegant canopy and swags of fabric make the bed fit for any fairy tale prince or princess.

German folklore is rich in stories dripping with social knowledge, virtues, and mysticism. Chances are high that you know some of them, such as little red riding hood, snow white, or the beloved puss in boots, which have, like so many great tales, all been inspired by the central European idyll in its people's imagination. All those tales have been collected and archived to be preserved over time and contribute combined to the charm of Ruby Rosi Hotel & Bar.

Find a selection of those tales in the library, where you can retreat into an accoutred design space and be enchanted by all the contemporary scrolls and books on the shelves of our in-house athenaeum. Alternatively, reinvigorate your strength with our modern menu, ranging from a healthy breakfast and barista coffee to signature cocktails and late-night snacks.

Bar of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich

Rosi's Design

Ruby Rosi draws inspiration from all the mystical stories people tell each other in this realm, infused with a deep admiration for Bavaria's capital, turning our new hotel into its own Isarmärchen, which was originally sung and lived by Munich's beloved icon Bally Prell. The city is a present background in many folkloric tales and sagas of the region. Some of the tales are centered in the city and live on as landmark in various districts, like the mirror fountain and the time a basilisk inhabited it or the day the crown prince Ludwig der Bayer was stolen by a monkey from his residence, which is todays Alter Hof. The Bavarian metropolis is ideal for spending some quality time in its old alleys, magnificent architecture, and thriving markets. At night and certainly during the Octoberfest, the city reveals its festive and inviting character. People flock into the city to share a civilized drink followed by local and international cuisines in a baroque or neo-Gothic setting, you choose.

Drawing on the contrast found in all good folk tales, Rosi’s bar blends palatial and pastoral fairytale touches, fusing urban and rural realities with each other. Sleeping Beauty meets Rumpelstiltskin as opulent fabrics, marble, and brass are set off by cherry wood paneling, vintage tiles, and blackened steel. Adjustable lighting creates the right scenery for your own fairy tale, with the background sounds for your personal saga buzzing from our Marshalls amps. 

Ready for an adventure in Bavaria's beautiful capital? We can't wait to welcome you at Ruby Rosi.

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