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Our teams are the olive in our Martini, the melody in our music, the heartbeat of every Ruby hotel, bar and workspace. So, the best way to get a feeling for our vibe, is by hearing it directly from them. That's why we've sat down with some of our team members for a little Q&A session to give you a sneak peek into what it's like to work at Ruby.

Get ready for a virtual office tour, sprinkled with great tales, exciting background stories and some fun memories worth sharing. 

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Larissa's story

Where did your Ruby story start?

I joined in 2015 as a working student, when there was only one hotel – Ruby Sofie. I was studying interior design and had trained as a carpenter, so I immediately got involved in creating Ruby Marie.

What does a typical day look like?

I usually have meetings with planners and architects on the projects I’m overseeing. I really like coordinating the creative process, but there’s plenty of time for design, too. Having that balance is great. At Ruby, you’re trusted to make your own schedule, which makes it much easier to manage work and family life.

What’s the best thing about working at Ruby?

My workmates and boss are so supportive. They don’t just think of me as a colleague, they take an interest in my life outside of work too. When I found out I was pregnant, I was a bit worried about telling them, but they were so kind. As well as sending gifts when my son was born, they remembered his first birthday, which meant a lot.

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    Hi, Luka here

    "I came from a corporate background, but what really drew me to Ruby is the relaxed and fun atmosphere. As a Hotel Manager at Ruby Lilly, I love the variety in my job and the fantastic team I get to work with. They're all amazing people with unique personalities, great skill sets and lots of exciting stories to tell."

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    Hey, I am Tanya

    "As a host at Ruby Lilly, I am grateful for the diversity of our team and the opportunity to gain insight into various cultures and backgrounds. Additionally, I appreciate the travel aspect as it allows me to visit some of the most exciting cities in Europe and even share the experience with my friends and family."

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Stefanie's Story

Tell us about your role at Ruby

I work in the Construction team, liaising with architects, designers, engineers and builders to make sure projects are completed on time and on budget. I enjoy the work so it’s more like a really fun hobby than a job.

Why did you choose to work in hospitality?

I love to travel, so the hospitality industry has always interested me. My role at Ruby means I can travel for work, discovering new places and trying new things. I also wanted a job with flexibility, and where things were constantly evolving and there were lots of opportunities.

Why Ruby?

After having my second child, I was very keen to get back to work. It’s not very common to have the prospect of a job with different projects and responsibility while having small kids at home – something which I luckily found at Ruby. From the start, I was able to work 30 hours a week with lots of flexibility, which allowed me to pursue the career and projects I wanted as well as having enough family time. It feels like anything is possible with regards to the accommodation of my current career and private life needs.

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    Say hi to Christina

    "As a P&C coordinator, I love talking to people and get to understand their stories and backgrounds better - both of applicants and colleagues. Since I joined Ruby, I grew as a person and learnt how to establish a relaxed and trust-based atmosphere during interviews, so that our potential new employees can calmly and openly speak to me."

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    Hey, I am Jorge

    "As Director Architecture, I think it's important to share responsibilities and tasks with everyone in the team, no matter if they are a working student or a seasoned architect. At Ruby, we can all get equally involved, and I appreciate that - but my favourite benefit is, that I can bring my furry friend to work."

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