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Ruby Ella Cologne 01

Key facts

Urban destinations

  • Germany: Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich
  • Europe: Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Paris, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Madrid, Budapest, Prague; and selected other major European cities as well as urban leisure destinations in Europe
  • USA: Large cities (+4m overnights) with urban cores and a high representation of post-modern travellers
  • Outside: Canada, Asia (main focus: China and Japan); plus other opportunities being explored

Central city locations

  • Central locations in the heart of the city, within walking distance of culinary and cultural hotspots, but no need for prestige locations
  • Good access to public transportation
  • Parking available nearby


  • Long-term lease or purchase
  • Existing properties or new builds
  • 2,000 - 8,000 m² office space vacant now or available to let, shortly
  • Also combinations with other uses possible (e.g. retail, restaurants, office)
  • Mixed use projects of up to 12,000 sqm GFA
  • Also possible in combination with other users
  • No ground floor spaces or parking spaces required

Leasehold-specific issues

  • Long-term contracts offered, strong covenant and track record, in line with investment market requirements
  • Optional service offered as general planner and general contractor for revitalisation/conversion, assuming all construction risks (costs, timing)
Ruby Development Factsheet

Key advantages

A main cost-/price-/yield-lever: high space and investment efficency

  • Multifunctional usage of space through colour concept and lighting technology
  • Modular architectural system
  • Cost of investment on same level as budget hotels, e.g. due to high amount of standardised, serial produced elements
  • Unconventional technical solutions enable cost-efficient reutilisation of office area

High space flexibility generates broad pipeline opportunities

  • Minimum of only 2,000 sqm required; combinations with other units and uses possible (mixed-use, multi-tenant)
  • High flexibility with regard to window grid, ceiling heights and building depths
  • No ground floor spaces required; these can remain available for retail or gastronomical uses

Key Markets

We're just getting started and have grand plans in the works. With hotels and workspaces all across Europe, there's a whole world of new destinations just waiting to be explored.


Group Vice President Development

Group Director Development

Southern Europe

Northern & Central Europe

Concept Development

Asset Management & Landlord Relations

Our partners

We're very proud to have teamed up with financially strong partners who support us with our expansion plans and growth. With lots of projects in the pipeline, we're excited about what's to come.


  • Ruby Ella Cologne Bar 04
  • Ruby Mimi Zurich Rooms Loft 08
  • Ruby Luna5
  • Ruby Lotti Hotel Hamburg COSY Room 1
  • Ruby Louise Frankfurt Terasse 04
  • Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich LOVELY Room 2
  • Ruby Paul Workspaces Vienna 01
  • Ruby Lucy London Room Loft 01
  • Ruby Rosi Munich Bar
  • Ruby Lissi Hotel Vienna WOW Room 2
  • Ruby Louise Frankfurt Terasse 01
  • Ruby Ella Cologne Room Lovely 05
  • Ruby Carl Düsseldorf Lounge 3
  • Ruby Lotti Hotel Hamburg LOFT Room 1
  • Ruby Mimi Zurich Bar 06
  • Ruby Leni Hotel Dusseldorf RESIDENT ROOM 1
  • Ruby Luna6
  • Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich WOW Room 5
  • Ruby Luuk Amsterdam Office01
  • Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna Bed Marshall Amp
  • Ruby Ella Cologne Bar 07
  • Ruby Lotti Hotel Hamburg LOVELY Room 2
  • Ruby Luna8
  • Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich WOW Room 2
  • Ruby Lucy London Bar 13
  • Ruby Louise Frankfurt Rooms Loft 02
  • Ruby Coco Hotel Bar 4
  • Ruby Luna2
  • Ruby Emma Amsterdam Bar 1
  • Ruby Claire Geneva web WOW room 3
  • Ruby Lissi Hotel Bar 15
  • Ruby Sofie
  • Ruby Marie Rooftop Garden 01
  • Ruby Emma Amsterdam WOW Rooms01
  • Ruby Ella Cologne Bar 02
  • Ruby Coco Hotel Dusseldorf LOFT Room 1
  • Ruby Carl Düsseldorf Lounge 7
  • Ruby Lucy London Room Lovely 03
  • Ruby Louise Frankfurt Bar 11
  • Ruby Claire Geneva web WOW room 8
  • Ruby Emma Amsterdam Lounge2
  • Ruby Ella Cologne Rooms 04
  • Ruby Marie Bar Low Res
  • Ruby Mimi Zurich Rooms Wow 01
  • Ruby Lilly Bar 3
  • Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna Wow Room 1 Low Res
  • Ruby Claire Geneva Bar02
  • Ruby Mimi Zurich Rooms Star 04
  • Ruby Luuk Amsterdam Create02
  • Ruby Leni Hotel Dusseldorf COSY Room 1
  • Ruby Rosi Munich Rooftop13
  • Ruby Rosi Munich WOW Room01
  • Ruby Coco Hotel Bar 2
  • Ruby Ella Cologne Rooms 02
  • Ruby Paul Workspaces Vienna Create 01
  • Ruby Louise Frankfurt Rooms Wow 01
  • Ruby Claire Geneva Bar04
  • Ruby Leni Hotel Dusseldorf LOVELY Room 3
  • Ruby Carl Düsseldorf Lounge 5
  • Ruby Lucy London Room Lovely 03