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Ruby Leni Hotel Dusseldorf

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RUBY LENI will be opening in Dusseldorf next winter

For the first time, RUBY will additionally cater to long-stay needs

RUBY LENI, the group’s second hotel in Dusseldorf, will be opening not far from Königsallee in winter of 2018/2019. 166 rooms, a bar, café and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city will be located at Jahnstraße 3. In addition, the mixed-use real estate, previously used as office spaces, also accommodates a theater. RUBY LENI is directly located at a charming little square framed by old trees and small boulevards. The Königsallee, Dusseldorf‘s famous fashion promenade with boutiques, cafés and restaurants, is only 200 meters away. Dusseldorf’s legendary old town with its many rustic pubs and bars as well as the city’s nightlife around Ratinger Straße is within walking distance. The underground station ‚Graf-Adolf-Platz‘ is only a few minutes away from the hotel and Dusseldorf central station can be reached in under 10 minutes through the nearby tram station ‘Berliner Allee.’

Reminiscent of the Theater World in the 50ies

Initially built as a hotel in 1904, the building was transformed into the ‘Düsseldorfer Operettenhaus’ in 1910. From 1951 to 1970 the building was home to the ‚Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus,‘ which became one of Europe’s most important theater stages, led by Gustav Gründgens. One of Gründgens‘ most popular productions at this stage, later filmed, was Goethe’s Faust with Gründgens playing Mephisto. This is where the name of the hotel RUBY LENI originates from: Faust’s Helena. The „Forum Freies Theater,“ which can still be found in the basement, reflects the building’s theater history.

This rich history also influences the hotel’s interior design: diverse furnishings including original antiques and props tell the story of the theater world in the 50ies.  These touches are reflected in the interior of the rooms as well as the public areas, combined with style elements from the 60ies and modern era.

A Lean Form of Luxury

RUBY LENI follows RUBY‘s LEAN LUXURY philosophy: Top location, high-quality room fittings, and genuine design. All of this is offered at an affordable price by rigorously cutting out the superfluous and focusing on the essential. “This works because we accommodate luxury in a relatively condensed space, similar to luxury yachts. We forego unnecessary services. Thanks to proprietary technical innovations, we plan, build and organize ourselves differently from conventional hotels. To be precise, we plan and build in a very modular way and centralize as well as automatize processes behind the scenes wherever possible. This helps us create a luxurious and unique hotel experience at an affordable price,“ Struck explains the group’s approach.

For the first time RUBY will offer LENI guests the RUBY RESIDENTS RATE with a price advantage for stays longer than a week. Adding to the usual hotel comfort, the hotel offers its RESIDENTS access to a co-cooking area. In their rooms RESIDENTS will additionally find a fridge, hot beverage facility and an espresso maker.

The refurbishment of the former office into hotel spaces will be realized by ‘OFB Projektentwicklung,’ with which RUBY signed a long-term lease. 

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COSY room of Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich

About Ruby Hotels

The Munich-based Ruby Group under the leadership of founder and CEO Michael Struck is breaking new ground with its Lean Luxury philosophy. With a lean organisational structure and concentration on the essentials, Ruby succeeds in creating a contemporary, affordable form of luxury for modern, cost and style-conscious customers. 

Founded in 2013, the Group already operates 18 Ruby hotels across Europe, with a further seven hotels under construction or in the planning phase. In addition, Ruby is expanding into China via a joint venture with Delonix, headed by Alex Zheng, one of China’s most accomplished hotel entrepreneurs. Ruby also offers Ruby Workspaces in Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Vienna, Stuttgart, and Malta – perfectly equipped workplaces and a creative atmosphere with access to an inspiring office community. 

Financially strong partners support Ruby’s expansion. ECE Group; the Austrian Soravia Group; Franger Investment, a German family office; Ocean Link, a private equity fund; the entrepreneur Michael Hehn; and Michael Struck jointly hold the company shares.