Sleep | Ruby Ella
17 June 2022

Sleep | Ruby Ella

There are few things better to fall asleep deeply than with gorgeous memories and lots of inspiration. The end of the day is especially beautiful when the sun slowly sets while the horizon goes from bright to dark, bathing the old town in a golden light before the sky turns into all different colors.

Until the 21st of June the days get longer and even after you will have the chance to enjoy a warm summer evening, breathing the fresh air while the day gently says good night. Geheimtipp Köln collected the best spots to enjoy the spectacle before dawn, so grab a bottle of the finest and let the day come gently to an end. Find the best sunset spots here.

And if you want your Cologne story to include a happy ending, be sure to check-in at Ruby Ella Hotel & Bar here. Like in every Ruby, we are taking sleep very seriously and teamed up with sleep scientist to provide the optimal sleep experience to everyone staying with us. So don't miss out on that good nights rest and find your room clicking the button below.