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GNTM winner Jacky Wruck chooses Ruby Hotels

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In the bustling world of fashion and beauty, finding a sanctuary that resonates with your soul is a treasure. For Jacky Wruck, the German sensation who rose to fame as Germany's Next Topmodel winner in 2020, Ruby Hotels has become that cherished space. In this interview, we delve into her world, explore her passions and commitments, and uncover why Ruby Hotels is her go-to destination for relaxation and inspiration.

Interview with Jacky Wruck

Ruby Magazine: Jacky, your journey has been remarkable, from winning Germany's Next Topmodel to becoming a symbol of self-love and sustainability. How do you balance your bustling career with personal passions?

Jacky Wruck: It's all about finding joy in what you do. Whether I'm walking the catwalk for Christian Siriano, collaborating with brands like Dyson and Lancôme, or advocating for animal rights, each aspect brings fulfillment. My Instagram is a space where I express my love for cosmetics, vegan nutrition, and sport, and it's wonderful to connect with people who share these interests.

R.M.: Your advocacy for animal rights and support for the organization "Veto" is commendable. What drives this passion?

J.W.: Animals have always been a significant part of my life. They deserve love and protection. Working with "Veto" allows me to contribute towards this cause, which is close to my heart.

R.M.: Turning to your experiences with Ruby Hotels, what drew you to choose us for your stay?

J.W.: Ruby Hotels encapsulates a blend of elegance and tranquillity that's hard to find elsewhere. Its unique style, impeccable cleanliness, and the warmth of the staff make it more than just a hotel; it's a retreat that heals the soul.

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R.M.: How would you describe your experience staying with us?

J.W.: It's like stepping into a different era, where every detail is curated for your comfort. Ruby Hotels' atmosphere slows down the hustle of daily life, allowing for moments of peace and


R.M.: Your favourite aspect of Ruby Hotels?

J.W.: The unique style, undoubtedly. It's the fusion of furniture, colours, light, and shadow that creates a mesmerizing ambiance. It's not just a place to stay; it's an experience.

Jacky's story with Ruby Hotels is a vivid illustration of how a hotel can be more than just a backdrop to one’s journey. It can be a home away from home that cradles you after a challenging day‘s work, helps you relieve physical and emotional stress and recharge your batteries for the adventures or work ahead. 

Much like Jacky, we firmly believe that the choice of hotel has a profound impact on your daily motivation and performance while on the road. Choose the path of revitalization & opt for Ruby. We help you unlock the best version of yourself.

Photos by Jannis Manner

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