23 June 2022

Explore | Ruby Louise

Explore a city where historical buildings rub shoulders with neck-wrenching skyscrapers almost next to each other. When it comes to picturesque locations, Frankfurt is an instagramable paradise. If it’s the urban landscape you’re after, Germany’s financial capital has it in spades—this is one of the few European cities with a large cluster of high-rise buildings in its downtown area. Frankfurt’s repertoire goes beyond the urban charm, with the scenic River Main connecting old and new by almost a dozen bridges. From a museum with a verdant green lawn punctuated with porthole skylights to a building dating to the medieval period. Here are our five favorite spots to find those otherworldly photos for your feed. Find a selection of cool places to start your photo story here.

Another excellent spot to shoot your next story is Ruby Louise Hotel & Bar, with a fabulous roof terrace overlooking the city while seeing the sun swapping sides with the moon. 

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