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Munich city guide


Munich • City guide • 13 May 2024

The Origins of Oktoberfest

Welcome to a festive journey back in time as we explore the origins of the world-famous Oktoberfest. Discover how this iconic festival began and why it continues to cap ...

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Ruby Rosi Grand Opening 290622 webres 59

Munich • City guide • 13 May 2024

Oktoberfest Guide

From the somewhat humble beginnings as a royal wedding to the grand spectacle it is today, Oktoberfest in Munich is the ultimate fusion of history, culture, and, of cou ...

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Ruby Marie Rooftop Garden 01

Munich • Vienna • News • 08 May 2024

Namaste at Ruby

Hey there, sunshines, ready to reach a whole new level of zen? Well, you're in luck. Because at Ruby Lilly, Ruby Marie & Ruby Luna, your journey to wellness starts with ...

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Munich 1

Munich • City guide • 28 November 2023

Exploring Munich: A 2-Day Itinerary

Get ready to dive into the heart of Bavaria's capital with Ruby Rosi or Ruby Lilly as your chic headquarters. From the iconic Marienplatz to the cultural haven of Kunst ...

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Bar interior of Ruby Rosi Hotel Munich

Munich • Hotel story • 27 November 2023

The Fairytale of Ruby Rosi

Get ready for a round of Bavarian tales – meet Ruby Rosi Hotel & Bar, our sequel to the Ruby Lilly story. With a nod to its city and the folklore of the area, this plac ...

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Bar of Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich

Munich • Hotel story • 27 November 2023

Ruby Lilly Goes 80’s

Step through the doors of Ruby Lilly, and you are transported to the glittering era of champagne and shoulder pads - the 1980s. Inspired by the it-girls and media mogul ...

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Jacky Wruck GNTM winner 1

Munich • Frankfurt • Hamburg • Stuttgart • Dusseldorf • Cologne • 01 February 2024

GNTM winner Jacky Wruck chooses Ruby Hotels

In the bustling world of fashion and beauty, finding a sanctuary that resonates with your soul is a treasure. For Jacky Wruck, the German sensation who rose to fame as ...

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All events

All events


Game On Vintage Games Header

Ruby Lilly • Munich • 7:00 PM

Game On – Let's play! Afterwork Retro Gaming Night

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15 8 Ruby Rosi Carmina Reyes

Ruby Rosi • Munich • 8:00 PM

Spotlight Sessions by «stadtklang» with Carmina Reyes

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