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Ruby Lilly Goes 80’s

Bar of Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich
Step through the doors of Ruby Lilly, and you are transported to the glittering era of champagne and shoulder pads - the 1980s. Inspired by the it-girls and media moguls of Munich during that time, the hotel has seamlessly blended the best of the '80s with the best of today.

Situated a mere ten-minute walk from Munich's main station, Ruby Lillys part of town has witnessed the ebb and flow of time, evolving into a vibrant hub with a unique character.

Accompanying us every loafer-clad step of the way is the inimitable Monaco Franze, TV star of the famous '80s cult show Der ewige Stenz. Named after Franze's one unrequited love (Lilly), Ruby Lilly's design concept pays homage to the iconic era.

From cassette tapes to vintage TVs, every detail affectionately pokes fun at the unmistakable charm of the 1980s. A champagne chandelier graces the space, a nod to the era's glitzy schickeria sets.

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Whether you are in town for business, beer, or seeking the thrill of the Eisbach wave, Ruby Lilly offers a well-connected, stylish haven. The bar and rooftop terrace continues the celebration of the 1980s, with kir royales flowing alongside local brews, both modern and ancient.

Beyond the aesthetic allure, the hotel embraces Lean Luxury, providing a calm haven in each room for unwinding after a day of exploration in the neighbourhood. A stay at Ruby Lilly is not just accommodation.

As you explore Munich's top sights, Ruby Lilly stands as a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage. So, whether you're wanting to catch up with friends over drinks, enjoy a sunset cocktail, or simply bask in the nostalgic ambiance, Ruby Lilly Hotel & Bar has got you covered. Come visit and become part of Euby Lilly's captivating narrative.

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