14 June 2019

Why visit Dusseldorf in Summer

Shopping, trade fairs and a great night out at the 'world's longest bar' - those are probably the first things that come to mind when thinking of Dusseldorf. We'll provide you with four more reasons, why Dusseldorf should be a destination on your bucket list this summer:


Open Source Festival

It's been ten years, since Open Source Festival has started bringing Newcomers and unknown artists to Dusseldorf. The organisers not only show great taste in music, but also support local artists by setting up a pop-up gallery for talented art students to present their work. We simply love the festival's creative and uncomplicated vibe and are looking foward every year to July, where the festival takes place. Be quick, tickets are known to be sold out pretty quickly: www.open-source-festival.de

© André Symann | Open Source Festival

Gourmet Festival

Foodies, listen up: Every year in August, the famous shopping boulevard Königsallee turns into a big market with various foodstalls for an entire weekend. Here you can try all kinds of fine foods, wines and snacks from all over the world. Best thing about this: It's happening right in front of Ruby Coco and you can relax in our comfy beds inbetween all the tasting and feasting.

© Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf


All year round, perfect for sundowners

Kasematten is a long terrace along the Rhine riverbanks, where you can find various restaurants and bars. In summer, this is the ideal sundowner hotspot in Dusseldorf to watch the sun set over the Rhine, cold drink in hand starting into a great night out in the nearby old town.

© Kasematten Düsseldorf


All year round on sunny days
Toes in sand, overlooking Dusseldorf's skyline and the Rhine - a visit at Pardiesstrand gives you this relaxed 'summer in the city' feeling far away from the city's hustle and bustle. Our tip: rent one of our Ruby Bikes to get there (about 10 min).

© Düssel Aqua

alltours Kino 

One month in summer

Every year in spring, when the better is finally getting better and the days are longer, we're starting to look forward to our most favourite part of summer in Dusseldorf - the alltours cinema. 

For one month, the open air cinema takes places directly at the promenade of the Rhine. Every day another movie is shown as soon as the sun goes down. And if you don't like the movie, you can watch the ships passing by on the Rhine behind the screen.

© alltours Kino
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