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Get Fancy in Dusseldorf

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Get ready for your Dusseldorf’s highlights, as Ruby takes you on a virtual tour through the hip and happening streets of Düsseldorf, spilling the beans on its cool cultural spots, picturesque river views, and secret hangouts for an epic and lively exploration of this fancy German Rhine river city.

Let's dive into the dynamic vibes of Düsseldorf, where sleek skyscrapers paint the skyline, the arts scene is buzzing, and business meets cool. Envision leisurely strolls along the effortlessly chic riverfront, getting lost in cutting-edge art galleries, and indulging in a first-class culinary scene. And after a day of sightseeing, you can return to one of our three lean luxury hotels in town, where our 24/7 bar caters to your late-night cravings. Are you on board? Then, buckle up because Cologne's neighborhood city is about to show you a good time. We will walk you through some of the best sights and activities Düsseldorf has got to offer.

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1. Altstadt

When visiting Düsseldorf, a visit to the famous Altstadt, or Old Town, is a must. This pedestrian area is a true gem, with its narrow streets, charming shops, and traditional German pubs. You'll feel like you've stepped into a fairy tale as you stroll through the cobblestone streets and sample the local brews.

2. Rheinturm

A towering landmark not to be missed, the Rheinturm offers panoramic views of Düsseldorf. The observation deck provides breathtaking vistas, while the revolving restaurant promises a unique dining experience (for those willing to spend a few Euros).

3. Königsallee

When your shopping bags exude a royal aura, you've officially entered the regal realm of Dusseldorf. Königsallee (King's Avenue) is far more than a shopping destination – it's a bona fide shopper's paradise. This boulevard is home to some of the world's most luxurious fashion brands, as well as high-end jewelery and cosmetics stores. Whether you're in the market for some serious retail therapy or just want to admire the elegant architecture, Königsallee won't disappoint.

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4. Schloss Benrath

If you're up for a royal experience, head to Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) and brace yourself for a burst of Baroque brilliance that's sure to ignite your senses. This palace is a feast for the eyes with its lavish furnishings and stunning gardens – Instagrammable spots included. So, who's up for a dose of regal vibes and a touch of awesome? Schloss Benrath is calling.

5. Medienhafen

Wrap up your Dusseldorf adventure with a bang at MedienHafen (Media Harbor)! This modern, trendy hub is a total game-changer, stealing the hearts of both locals and visitors. Those sleek, modern buildings? They're not just eye candy; they're the epicenter of the city's creative buzz. And the harbor? Picture this: the ultimate spot to sip on a cool drink or savor a delicious bite. Ready to dive into the vibrant energy of MedienHafen?

6. Architecture

Düsseldorf isn't just a city – it's a total showstopper when it comes to architecture. Medieval buildings in Altstadt exude timeless charm while standing shoulder to shoulder with the ultra-modern, sleek structures that give the city a contemporary edge. It's like taking a stroll through history while being rooted in the present.

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7. Rheinuferpromenade

Another unique spot in Düsseldorf that you shouldn't miss is the Rheinuferpromenade. This picturesque promenade runs along the banks of the Rhine River. As you stroll along the Rheinuferpromenade, you'll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the river, with the cityscape as a backdrop. Stop for vibrant gardens, sculptures, and benches along the way. The Rheinuferpromenade is not just a walk in the park (well, technically it is), but it's your ticket to unwind, take that Instagram-worthy stroll, or just kick back by the river and soak in the smooth vibes of the Rhine.

8. Bonus Tip

While travelling, you obviously need a place to stay, so if you're looking for a hotel that combines sleek design, central locations, and an innovative approach to hospitality, look no further than Ruby. With 3 different locations within Dusseldorf, Ruby Coco, Ruby Leni and Ruby Luna, Ruby has become known for offering guests all the essentials for a comfortable and stylish stay, without any unnecessary extras or frills.

So, whether you're gearing up for a day of sightseeing, preparing for a business meeting, or just looking for a tasty and satisfying breakfast, Ruby Leni, Luna & Coco have you got you covered.

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