Our Dusseldorf Carnival Guide

How to party on carnival

Carnival in Dusseldorf is the time in which the whole city turns upside down. Traditionally, at the end of winter, people used to dress up as ghosts and demons to evict the bad ghosts from the city.

Over time, carnival turned into a big celebration that lasts for a week. Everybody dresses up to celebrate, dance and drink together. Carnival begins already on November 11th, but has it’s peak from Fat Thursday (“Women’s carnival day”, 28 February 2019) until Ash Wednesday (5 March 2019).

Do's and Dont's

Ruby Coco is located directly at Königsallee in the heart of the city, where all the celebrations take place. If it’s your first time celebrating carnival in Dusseldorf, we have gathered our most important tips for the upcoming days:

  • Keep in mind, you’re in Dusseldorf. Our slogan is “Helau”, not to be mixed up with “Alaaf”, what people in Cologne will shout. And because there is a rivalry between these cities, you shouldn’t get that one wrong. Except from that, people from Dusseldorf are really nice, very open-minded and welcoming - especially after a few beers.
  • Don’t travel by car. Most of the streets in the city center are closed, also the streets around Ruby Coco. Instead you should take the train but bring a good mood. People will sing and dance everywhere, also in the trains.

  • In Dusseldorf, people drink Altbier, which is top-fermented dark beer. For safety reasons, there is no glass allowed in the city during carnival. So don’t bring any glass bottles with you. You can buy your drinks in cans or in plastic bottles.
  • Don’t plan on going shopping. During carnival, the stores will be secured with wooden boards placed in front of the display windows. So not even window shopping will be possible. Except for costume stores: And you definitely need a costume. Luckily, there are a few stores around to buy one. Deiters, one of the biggest stores for costumes, is within walking distance to our Ruby Coco. Don’t forget that it’s still winter and it’ll be probably really cold because carnival mostly takes place outside. Better choose a warm costume rather than just a good-looking one.
  • Once you have a costume, the party can start. During carnival, you don’t have to go to any bar in particular. Just make your way into the Altstadt, the old city. The “longest bar of the world” – that’s what inhabitants call the Altstadt, with more than 300 pubs, discotheques and restaurants. Party will be everywhere on the streets.

Our favourite carnival parties

If you still want to move the party inside, have a look at our favourites:

  • On Fat Thursday, Thursday February 28thparty already starts before 11.11 o'clock in the morning. Visit the pubs spread around in the old town, there are many good ones. Kuerzer and Uerige are probably our favourites. But in the end, you can end up everywhere to have a good day.
  • Out of our experience, we can asure you, that you won’t be partying on the day after but just spend it in our cosy beds. Still, you have to be ready again on Saturday, March 2nd, to continue partying. Visit the “Böse Buben Ball” at the Rheinterrassen, one of the most popular events in Dusseldorf during carnival. Don’t forget to buy tickets, this event is sold out every year.
  • The following day, the Rose Monday Parade starts at 10am and will make its way around the city of Dusseldorf. Place yourself in front of Ruby Coco and see all those crazy wagons that will ride the parade and throw some candy for the viewers. If you are up to party afterwards, again, you can just make your way into the Altstadt and there will be party everywhere.

We are already looking forward to the fifth season of the year, which is also the best season of the year, when spending it in Dusseldorf.
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Time to learn some lyrics

And now we have the right music to get you in the mood for carnival. We're already counting the days and listening to this playlist non-stop.

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