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Throwback: Cheers to 10 Years

Ruby 10th 238 c Philipp Lipiarski
Ruby recently hit double digits – a whole decade of shenanigans and good times. We threw a laid-back party right where the fun started – Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar in Vienna. It was all about celebrating, reminiscing, and maybe a bit of dancing too.

Can you believe it's been 10 years already? Time flies when you're having a blast in the Rubyverse. Of course, we had to celebrate this big milestone, and we want to tell you all about it.

A Ping-Pong tournament kicked off the night – balls flying, paddles swinging, and our photographer Phillip Lipiarski capturing all the epic action. Talk about a smashing start. As the night progressed, we moved on to cocktails, expertly crafted by our rockstar bartenders, and party food that was so delicious, it could make a unicorn weep glitter. Speaking of glitter, our makeup artist had everyone shining bright like diamonds – because why not glam up for a Ruby bash?

  • Ruby 10th 475 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 323 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 353 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 524 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 294 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 319 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 259 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 030 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 235 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 010 c Philipp Lipiarski
  • Ruby 10th 008 c Philipp Lipiarski

But that's not all – we got artsy with live drawings, necklace, and badge making by the incredible Gunther Gerger. Creativity was flowing as much as the drinks. The dance floor? Oh, it was on fire. Musicians, singers, and DJs brought the house down. The beats were loud, the atmosphere electric, and the company? Absolutely top-notch. We danced, laughed, and celebrated the Ruby Spirit like there was no tomorrow.

Massive shoutout to our talented musicians – Nana Forest, Stefan on the percussions, Picaro(s), Krisz Banfi, Evi Niessner, and a special nod to LÖWENHERTZ for the killer musical concept. You guys rocked our Rubyverse.

It was truly a night to remember, and we hope we'll get many more occasions to celebrate with our amazing teams – thanks to everyone for being there and CHEERS TO 10 YEARS. 

Ruby 10th 357 c Philipp Lipiarski

"The were good times, there were hard times, but there were never bad times."

Steve Jobs

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