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5 Reasons for a Membership at Ruby Ninu

Lounge of Ruby Ninu Workspace St. Julian's
As remote work becomes the new norm, the boundaries between home and office blur, leaving many yearning for a change of scenery. At Ruby Ninu, remote workers find solace, stepping into a realm where productivity intertwines with community. Here are five reasons why a membership at Ninu's pays dividends.

Are you a startup on the hunt for the perfect place to call your headquarters? Or perhaps you're a remote worker from Australia, now finding your footing in sunny Malta? Maybe you're just feeling the cabin fever kicking in after too many days confined to your home office? Then it's time to shake things up and infuse some fresh energy into your work routine. And what better way to do that than by joining us at Ruby Ninu, the newest workspace hotspot nestled in the heart of St. Julian's, Malta?

Location: Tired of the same old four walls? Ruby Ninu offers a change of scenery that's just what the doctor ordered. Situated in the heart of St. Julians, our workspace is a stone's throw away from all the action. Plus, with excellent public transport connections, getting here is a breeze.

Work environment: Say goodbye to dreary office cubicles and hello to large windows and plenty of natural light. Our new office space in the Pendergardens building is designed to inspire creativity and productivity, with large windows that bring the outdoors in. 

  • Dedicated Desks of Ruby Ninu Workspace St. Julian's
  • Other rooms of Ruby Ninu Workspace St. Julian's
  • Lounge of Ruby Ninu Workspace St. Julian's
  • Lounge of Ruby Ninu Workspace St. Julian's
  • Meeting room of Ruby Ninu Workspace St. Julian's

Endless Amenities: Don’t want to miss out on home comforts and your well-stocked fridge? Ruby Ninu has everything you need to make your workday a breeze. With spacious office rooms and cozy meeting spaces, there's a perfect workspace tailored to your needs. And when you crave a caffeine boost, a quick snack or proper lunch, our fully equipped kitchenette will cater to your needs. No time to cook? – No problem, there’s also a Welbees supermarket with plenty of breakfast and lunch choices only one elevator ride away.

Flexible Membership Options: We get it – one size doesn't fit all when it comes to workspace needs. That's why we offer a range of membership plans to suit every schedule and budget. Whether you're looking for a full-time desk or just need a space to drop in occasionally, we've got you covered.

Community and Collaboration: Last but certainly not least, Ruby Ninu is more than just a workspace – it's a community. With a mix of Ruby employees and members of the public, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate, network, and learn from others in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Whether you're a digital nomad passing through the Maltese town of St. Julian's, seeking a temporary workspace, or simply in need of a change of scenery, Ruby Ninu Workspace has something for everyone. With its prime location, ample daylight, abundant amenities, flexible membership options, and vibrant community, it offers everything you need to boost your productivity and enhance your work-life balance. Join us today and elevate your remote work experience at Ruby Ninu.

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We can't wait to welcome you.

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