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Ruby Mimi's Zurich Neighbourhood

Gear up for a spectacular Zurich adventure with Ruby Mimi as your lean luxury hub. From the enchanting Altstadt and world-famous Bahnhofstrasse to rooftop delights and celestial wonders at Urania observatory, we've curated the must-see spots just a hop away from this Hollywood-inspired gem.

Welcome to Zurich. This beautiful Swiss city rightfully claims its spot on every traveler's bucket list. Tucked just a stone's throw away from the meandering river Limmat, Zurich’s historic old town, and the city's bustling shopping districts, Ruby Mimi emerges as the perfect starting point for an exploration of the city – for both first-time visitors and old friends.

For history lovers, a short stroll south along the river will take you to the cobbled streets and quaint old buildings of the Altstadt. As well as lots of photo ops, you’ll find excellent restaurants and cosy coffee shops to keep your energy up. For a slightly boozy, sugary taste of Switzerland, an indulgent slice of zuger kirschtorte should hit the spot.

If it’s the outdoors you’re after, Zurich also delivers. The lake is a 15-minute walk from Mimi, or a short hop on the tram. Otherwise, head for the hills with a hike up near Uetliberg. (There’s also a train if that sounds like hard work.) But we've collected many more tips for your trip to Zurich. So come look around and explore some of the city’s best places with us.


The world-famous shopping mile Bahnhofstrasse connects Lake Zurich with the main station on 1.4 kilometers. Here you can find numerous boutiques, department stores and watch stores, but also the Paradeplatz - the center of Swiss banks. The Bahnhofstrasse is as popular with locals as it is with guests and is always worth a visit. In summer, it is perfect for a stroll to the lake, and in winter, mulled wine and hot chocolate can be found on every corner. From Bahnhofstrasse, Rennweg and Augustinergasse lead into the picturesque old town.

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Altstadt (Old Town)

The old town of Zurich is mostly free of cars and is perfect for a nice walk. Strolling through the winding streets, the way leads past historic buildings and churches such as the Grossmünster. In the old town there are also many small stores and charming restaurants for a little snack in between.

Time for a break

Zurich’s famous Bahnhofstrasse has a highlight on the sixth floor of the prestigious fashion house Modissa’s flagship store, guests enter the seventh heaven of urban gastronomy – the ⭐⭐⭐ Rooftop Restaurant. After a city shopping spree, a fashion tour, or for a break between activities, guests are sure to feel at home here. Either inside, where the décor of teak, copper and brass creates a unique ambiance – or outside on the terrace with a splendid view over the rooftops of the city on the river Limmat. The staff literally steam up to the tables: Hot Asian dumplings are served from custom-designed dumpling wagons. The accent is on a miscellany of choice fusion cuisine inspired by trips to Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. Besides dumplings, the rolling vending carts also offer meat loaf and Angus beef. Salads, cold dishes and a generous dessert trolley round off the palette of surprises.

Reaching for The Stars

In the 48-meter-high round tower of the Urania observatory, you can look through the giant telescope and marvel at the celestial bodies in a 200-fold magnification. Zurich's "public observatory" is a landmark of the city and has been part of cultural life since 1907. The Zeiss telescope, which is now over 100 years old, was a technical masterpiece at the time and still provides razor-sharp magnifications today. With it, even details on the surface of the moon can be seen. A guided tour of the observatory can be ideally combined with an aperitif in the Jules Verne Bar and a dinner in the Brasserie Lipp.


Catch Up on Culture

Just a few steps from Ruby Mimi, visitors to the Wow Museum are immersed in a world of optical illusions. In the Wow Museum, guests can't help but be amazed: Surprising sensory illusions ensure that you literally lose your footing, have to change perspectives and keep asking yourself whether your own eyes are playing tricks on you. On three floors and 400 square meters, every age group has a lot of fun. In the process, the museum also teaches a lot about culture, the image of others and the image of oneself, but also deals with topics such as virtuality and diversit. 

Brunch Is Always a Great Idea

Kleine Freiheit is a compact café in a leafy open space, presenting a departure from the typical Zurich scene. This is precisely what makes the student-inspired café beneath the university so unique. Kleine Freiheit is best enjoyed on sunny days, as it serves as a tempting oasis in the heart of the city center, providing a captivating view of the distinctive Liebfrauenkirche.

When it comes to brunch, Kleine Freiheit convinces with delicious specialties. Small plates and bowls with oriental-inspired delicacies and Swiss classics are served. From hummus to babaganoush and cinnamon porridge with raisins to hard cheese, butter and honey, everything finds its way into the cultural breakfast pleasure.

As you can see, Ruby Mimi is perfectly located for your next trip to Zurich, whether you need to catch up on some business or looking for a weekend getaway. The hotel is a true gem that celebrates the golden era of Hollywood, offering you a chance to relive the glamor and the style of the early movie sets. Housed in one of Zurich's first cinemas, the hotel is a modern tribute to the era-defining spirit of five young starlets, all called Mimi. Check out our hotel for your upcoming Zürich adventure.

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