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Discover Dublin with Ruby Molly

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Nestled in the historic heart of Dublin, the vibrant neighbourhood of Oxmanstown offers a rich tapestry of experiences, and Ruby Molly, our charming hotel, is your perfect base to explore it all. Once part of the grounds of St. Mary’s Abbey, Oxmanstown has evolved into a lively area, blending Dublin's history with modern flair. Here's a guide to the top things to do in Oxmanstown, with Ruby Molly as your starting point.

Boutique Bliss

Just steps away from Ruby Molly, Oxmanstown’s quaint streets are lined with boutique stores. These shops offer a unique shopping experience with their selection of artisan crafts, home decor, and exclusive gifts. They reflect the creativity and heritage of Dublin, making your shopping experience both personal and memorable

Culinary Adventures

Around Ruby Molly, you'll find some of Dublin's most delightful dinner places. Whether you crave traditional Irish cuisine or exotic international dishes, there's a plethora of dining options catering to every taste. From intimate cafés to upscale restaurants, each establishment around Oxmanstown prides itself on offering fresh, locally-sourced ingredients for a genuine Dublin dining experience.

Deep dive into Dublin's History

Oxmanstown is steeped in history, and a guided tour around its landmarks is a must-do. Explore the remnants of St. Mary’s Abbey and other historical sites, all within walking distance from Ruby Molly. These tours provide fascinating insights into the history that shaped Dublin.

Unwind in Green Spaces

Escape the city bustle without leaving it. Near Ruby Molly, Oxmanstown's green spaces are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a quiet moment with a book. These parks offer a peaceful retreat amidst the urban charm.

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Vibrant Nightlife

Experience Dublin's famous pub culture in Oxmanstown's lively bars and pubs, a short walk from Ruby Molly. Enjoy live music, traditional Irish dance, and a wide selection of drinks in an atmosphere buzzing with energy and Irish charm.

Artistic Flair

Oxmanstown is a hub for art lovers, with galleries featuring both local and international artists. Close to Ruby Molly, these galleries are not just placed to view art but also centres for creative workshops and cultural events.

Weekend Markets

The weekend markets near Ruby Molly are a must-visit. They offer an authentic local experience, showcasing crafts, fresh produce, and homemade goods, and are a great place to mingle with Dubliners and experience the community spirit.

Dublin, with its blend of historic charm and contemporary vibrancy, offers an endless array of experiences. From boutique shopping and gourmet dining to cultural explorations and lively nightlife, there's something for everyone. Staying at Ruby Molly places you in the heart of this dynamic neighbourhood, making exploring and enjoying the best of Dublin easy. So, let Ruby Molly be your gateway to the unforgettable experiences that Dublin has to offer.

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