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Introducing Ruby Claire

Bar of Ruby Claire Hotel Geneva
Ruby Claire is a peaceful oasis in the middle of Geneva’s busy old town. Adapting to the city’s flair, the hotel is dressed in a culturally rich weave, an excellent fit for a city that is quite similar. This charming venue picks up the city's spirit – a space where people can come together, converse, and share good times.

Located in the heart of Geneva's Rive Gauche, the oldest part of the city, the establishment is nestled between several buildings from different epochs. We combined three to create space for our design hotel. Spread over seven floors, Ruby Claire's entrance is situated in the middle of Geneva's bustling life, with an elevator going from the passage Jean-Malbuisson to the top floor of the building where our public spaces can be found. The hotel stretches over several floors, with a roof terrace that partly overlooks Geneva's cityscape. While staying with us, you will find yourself within walking distance of almost all major sites and attractions of the city and the central train station of Geneva, conveniently close for all who arrive and depart by train.

Our first hotel in the former city-state is around the corner from Geneva's diplomatic parquet, landmarks, and various institutions. With the highest number of international organizations, a track record of many positive multilateral decisions, and a dedication to peaceful coexistence, Geneva has been dubbed the world's peace capital. Geneva's prominence for global cooperation grew after World War I. Even though several institutions were settling in Geneva before 1914, the era post-1918 marked the beginning of Geneva's international relevance.

JFK famously said, “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” For decades, the international community has met and resided in Geneva, working tirelessly to uphold and maintain our global community's delicate fabric. The different layers of this multilateral weaving are represented by the various institutions that can call Geneva their home. Among the most prominent of them is the Palais des Nations.

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The former seat of the League of Nations now houses the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), the second-largest UN center after the UN Headquarters in New York. The United Nations might be one of the most recognizable organizations in town, but it is certainly not the only noteworthy one. The International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, and primary research facilities such as CERN are part of Geneva's extraordinary mosaic, among many others. This international peace spirit can be felt when you roam through the city's streets and while visiting its landmarks, all of which are almost a stone's throw away from Claire.

The colors and furniture are kept in a tone palette familiar to Ruby’s colors, enriched by purple, blue, and turquoise to create a complementary background for artifacts and styling finishes from all over the world. A lot of effort went into developing a design that reflects the city's heritage and blends it with the look and feel we love at Ruby, making us unique. Interestingly, techniques such as pottery or weaving exist in almost every culture and every corner of the world, but with a different touch and degree of iconicity. Due to the unifying character of these crafts, we chose pottery and woven elements to be a part of the design of Claire's public spaces and rooms. Wood and steel create the backdrop to provide enough space to breathe for this diverse range of symbolic and culturally rich furnishing elements. Roaming through the various areas of the building is almost like taking a journey around the globe, just as it is when you leave the front door and step into Geneva’s busy streets.

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