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The Fairgrounds of Ruby Lucy

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Welcome aboard Ruby Lucy, our debut London hotel, luring you into the fab South Bank with open arms and serious good vibes. Imagine a place where the history-packed South Bank serves as a vibrant canvas, setting the stage for a hotel that weaves together lively colors and cool vintage vibes inspired by the area's rich past.

Once an industrial powerhouse, the South Bank has transformed into a cultural haven, flaunting iconic landmarks and a buzzing arts scene. From warehouses to theaters, its journey reflects resilience and adaptability that's seriously inspiring. Now, it proudly stands as a dynamic riverside stretch, blending entertainment, art, and stunning views of the Thames.

And right there, only a 10-minute walk from the Thames and just a short walk from Waterloo station, Ruby Lucy welcomes its guests. In an area famous for all kinds of vibes – classy and a bit naughty alike – we've snagged inspiration from the wild world of markets and fairgrounds. To capture that fleeting moment of excitement and excess, we’ve sprinkled a little carnival magic throughout Lucy's interior design – think rich, dark tones, shiny brass accents, and stripe patterns brought to life by circus drums and juggling pins. Each corner captures the circus and fair essence, inviting you to soak up a world of excitement and indulgence.

When staying at Ruby Lucy, savor the pleasures of the South Bank. Grab a few snacks from the hotel’s Maxi Bar, head towards Westminster Bridge, perch by the riverside, and enjoy a bit of people-watching against the vibrant Thames backdrop – a perfect recipe for a laid-back evening.

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After soaking in the spirited vibe of the South Bank, enhance your cultural experience by exploring nearby galleries. Ruby Lucy's strategic spot, just a short walk from Waterloo station, makes it the perfect launchpad for diving into London's vibrant art scene.

In the heart of London's historic South Bank, Ruby Lucy invites you on a time-traveling journey where vintage rides and carnival magic seamlessly blend with Lean Luxury. Whether you're drawn to the area's storied history or the lively inspiration behind the hotel, a stay at Ruby Lucy guarantees a delightful fusion of old-world charm and contemporary allure along the enchanting South Bank.

Taking a cue from London’s spirited markets and fairgrounds, Ruby Lucy is a nod to the fleeting excitement and excess of these lively gatherings. The hotel's design is a burst of carnival magic – a celebration of vibrancy and joy that transcends time.

Step into the heart of Ruby Lucy and be swept away by the whimsical allure of vintage rides. Bold colors and lively accents pay homage to the area's free-wheeling past, creating an enchanting atmosphere that’s a mixture of nostalgia and modern charm.

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