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Ruby Marie’s Storied Past

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Join us on a journey through the pages of Ruby Marie's history book. Starting off as Austria's very first department store, this place has seen it all, and in 2015, it got a glam makeover, transforming into Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar. So, get ready for a dazzling history lesson.

Ruby Marie kicked off its illustrious journey as Austria's very first department store. Perched right on Vienna's top shopping street, its elegant floors featured everything from haute couture to the most exquisite homeware. For nearly 90 years, this iconic spot wasn't just a shopping haven - it was the ultimate cultural hotspot for Vienna's chic residents.

With circular floors hosting a restaurant, viewing terrace, and even a cinema, the luxurious department store was the place to see and be seen. Back in the swinging 1960s, this place was pulsating with opulence and energy, leaving a lasting mark on Vienna's social scene. It was the epicentre of cool.

In 2015, at the age of 104, the Viennese icon made a stellar comeback, reborn as none other than Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar. The hotel's design story pays homage to its storied past. Think luxe lamps, plush sofas, vintage posters, and even tailoring tools – every element in the design echoes the atmosphere of this place’s heyday.

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And we don’t stop here: Ruby Marie's bringing back the department store's old gem in all its glory – the movie theatre. Grab a few snacks from the hotel's Maxi Bar, kick back, and relax with a good film in our cosy Movie Theater. For those who still burst with energy and feel like moving, we've got an awesome yoga space waiting for you.

But Ruby Marie is not just about reliving the past, it also embraces the future with green energy pulsing through its veins. In fact, Ruby Marie has earned the prestigious LEED Platinum status, symbolizing our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With the city's flagship stores right outside its doors, Ruby Marie remains a shopaholic's dream. In the bar and the charming rooftop garden, expert mixologists craft signature cocktails alongside carefully selected beers and wines. Charming Ruby Marie is a 24/7 haven where you can start your evening with an apéritif, catch a local band, or drop in for a nightcap.

Loft night

As the night unfolds, each room at Ruby Marie embraces you with Lean Luxury. We've put extra thought into the design of the beds and lighting, aiming to create a tranquil atmosphere for a night of uninterrupted bliss.

And guess what? Vienna’s main attractions are just a quick stroll away. Need to catch a train? No problem. Wien-Westbahnhof station is conveniently right across the road. And for those seeking a swift escape, the airport is just a half-hour train ride away. It's like we've got the city at our fingertips. Come stay at Ruby Marie and see for yourself.

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