10 February 2021

Our bar competency group

You might have already seen some of our lovely bartenders during our virtual Aperitivo sessions – now we’d like to introduce to you the whole team that makes sure our bar menus are filled with the latest trends and tasty twists: our wonderful Bar Competency Group.


It all started back in December 2019 with 11 highly motivated members from all of our destinations – ranging from London to Vienna, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Munich. Some of our most talented and determined barkeepers connected via monthly calls to brainstorm ideas on how to give you a better experience at all of our bars.


They recently founded their own private Instagram channel that is made available to all our bartenders in our hotels: @bcgruby. This is where they show everything you need to know about barkeeping – like mixing perfect cocktails, keeping your workplace clean, the art of serving wine and how to interact with guests.

While our bars were closed, they hosted weekly ‘Aperitivo home sessions’ and shared their favorite drink recipes with us, which you can find here. Mia and Alex, bartender at Ruby Coco, also supported the opening of Ruby Carl in Dusseldorf by hosting their own cocktail workshop at the opening event, which was even more successful than expected.


Because our guests loved the mixing workshops so much, we’re currently working on creating more opportunities for you to participate in one of them. We’re also looking into cool new technologies that help making every cocktail a little sensation (hello Flavour Blaster!) and constantly adding new drinks, regional specialities and recommendations to our menues.

You see, we’re buzzing like bees behind the scenes to make sure our hotels and bars are ready as soon as we’re allowed to welcome you again. In the meantime, check out our virtual Aperitivo sessions, share your favorite drink recipes with us or even check out our open positions if you’d like to join our amazing team.