14 June 2022

Ready for your new Tattoo?

Tattoos tell your story; how about writing the next chapter? Get your new tattoo for free on top of a cool job and make it your own story. Tattoos are much like the Ruby family. We all come in different tones, a pack of tales and distinct lines of ink celebrating individuality, both as colleagues and guests. Do you have another body art in mind? Just let us know; it doesn’t have to be ink.

We are down to earth. Whether we have tattoos, piercings, or rainbow colored hairs, the game is the same while sharing a common goal: to make everyone feel welcome engaging, staying or working with us. Diversity is one of our secret ingredients in making Ruby equally unique as our followers, tenants, and co-workers. And because we support being different, we are happy to pay for your next piece of body art.

To be fully transparent and eye level, we offer a permanent contract, a monthly bonus for public transportation and free body art of choice for up to 500 € after six exciting months on the job.  

We’re not looking for a perfect CV but a personality that fits our team. We enjoy what we do and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We prefer talking as equals with each other and our guests instead of hiding behind titles and formalities. We’re all united in our wish and goal: to give everyone – employees, guests, and clients – the feeling of having arrived where the real heart of the city beats.

Does this sound like the right tribe to you? Find our openings following the link below, get in touch and join us!

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