9 January 2023

Ruby Emma Hotel & Bar Amsterdam


Since the start. We have taken many steps to be sustainable and Ruby Emma is our greenest hotel yet. Created using as much recycled material as possible, the ‘living’ façade of glass and aluminium is designed to react intelligently to the weather outside.

Meaning on bright winter days, the shutters open to let in the warmth. On hot summer days, they close to offer shade, saving energy all year round. The system is even smart enough to know when you’re in your room. Ruby Emma is energy-saving not only on the outside but inside too.



Fresh air, at a constant temperature, comes directly via the ventilation, for a 24/7 oxygen supply. The heating and cooling of the rooms works via the ceilings. Circulating liquids cool or warm the concrete slowly and sustainably and create a pleasant, comfortable room climate. A measure of our Ruby Green initiative.

Inside, clever, circular systems reuse water, heat, and waste to make the building as energy neutral as possible. In your room, you’ll notice smart lighting to aid with the best night’s sleep possible 
Each room also has refillable Ruby Care amenity products, along with renewable natural materials and pre-loved furniture, to add character and cut our carbon footprint.


We look at central locations in the heart of the city. It’s about using the space wisely within the hotel and the room. Being smart with space, streamlining things and doing away with what you don’t need. Each room is designed to be calming and a quiet oasis in the heart of the city giving you a feeling of home.


From wind-powered gadgets and hand-wound machines to pedal and potato-powered contraptions, the bar is abuzz with alternative energy.

When it comes to style, we’ve taken a steer from the 60’s when wind power took off again in Amsterdam. Mid-century modern and pre-loved pieces in bright, fresh tones showcase natural materials and the beauty of reusing and recycling. It is truly an inspiring space where people come together to share tall tales and grand plans, catch an up-and-coming band , or just unwind with a skilfully shaken cocktail.

Coming to Amsterdam for work? Our brand-new Ruby Luuk Workspaces is just a lift ride away. Whether you’re in Amsterdam for a day or a month, travelling solo or with your team in tow, every space is intuitively designed to work around you. From spacious desks including secure storage, to offices and meeting rooms with skyline views, there’s an inspiring spot for everyone at Ruby Luuk. With our flexible membership options, there’s no big commitment or upfront costs. Drop in for a change of scene or set up for a while. Whatever works for you. Just settle in, connect to the highspeed Wi-Fi and you are off. And when it’s time for a break, you will find bottomless barista coffee and organic tea on tap.

Amsterdam is waiting…

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