5 May 2020

Gregor Hofbauer for Art Aid

Like many other people during the Corona lockdown period, our photographer Gregor Hofbauer – who normally shoots the beautiful pictures of our hotels (as you can see in the shots below), did something he procrastinated on for a while: He rummaged through all of his photo negatives and digitalized the castings of the last 20 years.

Just in time, because he was also invited to submit some of his work to an online shop for creative people offering their work. For Art Aid, Gregor has selected photos back from times when celebrating and spending time together was a normal part of everyday life. His camera was always there to capture the fleeting moments like it still is.

His pictures are not only beautiful to look at, they also have interesting stories to tell: 

"Dutzi in the Bush"

In Vienna there is the infamous "Rhinoplasty" party, which transforms Club U on Karlsplatz from a tranquil tourist café into a colourful LGBTQ+ club every two weeks for over13 years already. These parties are wild and everyone can join for free. There are often "costume suggestions" and themes that guests can follow, if they want. Dutzi Ijsenhower is one of the drag queens who helped in creating the party. During a "dinosaur special", Dutzi, slightly drunk, got lost in the bushes in front of Club U and took a graceful fall into the thicket. Gregor had been hired as photographer of the party that night and luckily was present at the right time to snap an unforgettable photo.

© Gregor Hofbauer


At a similar party at Club U the crowd was going wild. It is not uncommon in this crazy atmosphere for glasses shattering on the floor. One time Gregor's camera got hit by one of the passionate dancers as well, and it joined the broken glasses on the ground. When Gregor daringly threw himself on the floor into the dancing crowd to save his beloved Lomo, he found himself right in front of these beautiful bright pink boots. Click - captured for eternity.


© Gregor Hofbauer


"New York Everyday Runway"

It was noon in summery New York, when Gregor was taking a tour of Manhattan. Lunch hour had just started and people from all offices rushed to their favorite restaurants. The playground along the way provided a wonderful graphic backdrop, a group of young people in neat business casual outfits came by, walked right across the playground, and so Gregor captured a fleeting moment, that tells more than you might first think in this snapshot.

© Gregor Hofbauer

Learn more about Art Aid:

As mentioned above, you can find all of Gregors Photographs on Art Aid, which is a project from creative people for creative people. Because in times like these, when cultural life is limited to your own apartment, many people in the industry are not getting the attention they’d deserve. That’s why Art Aid was created to give people like artists, photographers, illustrators or designers a platform to present and sell their work.


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